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How We Can Help You Register a Trade Name in Washington, DC

Get your trade name in one business day!

Registering a trade name entitles you to use that name legally for your business. A trade name allows you to do business with the public, banks, and vendors under that name. You can also take legal action under your trade name. Once a trade name is registered, it needs to be renewed with the DC Government every two years in order to maintain it. If your trade name expires, you will no longer have any legal right to use that name, allowing anyone else in DC to register it, and keeping you from being able to register it again.



D.C. Registered Agent can make the registration process very simple for you. You will not have to spend any time or effort doing it, except giving us the information we need to complete the registration for you.

What we’ll do . . .
  • Make sure your trade name complies with DC Government requirements.
  • Prepare all the necessary registration paperwork for your review and signature.
  • File the paperwork and acquire your Certificate of Trade Name Registration.
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