A complicated but necessary government requirement:

Almost all businesses operating in the District of Columbia are required to have a business license. The nature of your industry and how you operate will determine the type of license you need.


Apply for your business license now!


In almost every case, if you are doing business in the District of Columbia, you need a business license. You will need to submit various kinds of documentation to apply for a license, and we can help you organize your preparation. In addition, we can actually file the license application for you.


The most basic kind of business license is a general business license, but you may need to apply for a specific kind of business license. You will need a business license unless:


•Your business type is exempt;


•You have a current professional license for business activities; or


•Your principals are required to maintain licensure by a local, state, or national certification body.


Applying for a business license is not a simple task in D.C., but we are here to help. Because every situation is unique, please call or write us for more information.