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Need Licenses?

Under District of Columbia law, almost all businesses in D.C. need a license. Getting a license can be frustrating, so leave the work to us! Our staff can get it done quickly for you.

Why DC Registered Agent?

A registered agent is required by law in D.C. We can provide many services, and because we work only in the District of Columbia, assisting you with your D.C. business is our specialty.

If someone sues you and you do not know about it, the court can enter a default judgment against you. If you cannot be served personally, a plaintiff might serve you by either serving the D.C. Superintendent of Corporations, or even by putting a notification in a newspaper, which you may or may not see. At D.C. Registered Agent, we receive notices of lawsuits against you and promptly forward them to your attention so you can defend yourself.